Classroom Mini Marsh

Since 1993 the Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) and Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) have been offering Mini Marsh kits to local schools. Kits include instructions, different types of rooted marsh plants, a bowl, gravel and a snail. These kits are available free of charge to teachers across the watershed and beyond. Teachers are provided with information to share with their students, including details about BARC, the Remedial Action Plan, and the restoration of Cootes Paradise. Participating classes plant the shoots in the gravel, maintain the water level in the bowl, and watch their Mini Marshes grow. At the end of the school year the plants can be returned to the RBG Nature Centre for planting in Cootes Paradise marsh, connecting students with the restoration of this Hamilton Harbour ecosystem. Approximately 300 classes participate in this program each year.

How Does the Program Work?

Teachers that are new to the program will attend a workshop that highlights the importance of marshes and wetlands to the ecological health of our watershed, and provides an update on the restoration progress of Cootes Paradise Marsh. Kits will be picked up at this time. Teachers that have participated before can pick up their kits on the chosen dates; attendance to the workshop is not required.

Why Bring a Marsh Into Your Classroom?

The Classroom Mini Marsh can assist teachers in meeting student learning expectations in the Science and Technology component of both the elementary and secondary curriculum.

Pre-registration is required

Space is limited for this program and registration is first-come, first-served. You will be sent a confirmation email in early April.

Important note: for those that have participated in Mini Marsh before, you have the option of picking up your kit on April 1 OR 2. For those that are new to the program, you must attend the workshop on April 1.

Classroom Mini Marsh Curriculum Links:

Kindergarten • Science and Technology
Grade 1 • Needs and Characteristics of Living Things
Grade 2 • Growth and Changes in Animals
              • Air and Water in the Environment
Grade 3 • Growth and Changes in Plants
              • Soils in the Environment
Grade 4 • Habitats and Communities
              • People and Environments, Political and Physical Regions in Canada
Grade 6 • Biodiversity
              • People and Environments, Canada's Interactions with the Global Community
Grade 7 • Interactions in the Environment
Grade 8 • Water Systems
Grade 9 • Sustainable Ecosystems

Classroom Mini Marsh Teacher's Workshop Form

Deadline to register: March 22, 2020

Space is limited, registration in the program is first-come, first-served. Late registrations will not be accepted. You will be sent a confirmation email in early April. Thank you!

School Board:

Number of kits – max. 1 per class


I have participated in Classroom Mini Marsh before:



New participants:

I will attend the workshop on Wednesday, April 01, 4:30 – 6pm (please check this box to confirm)

Returning Participants:
Preferred date (between 3:30pm and 5pm):

When our school is done with the Mini Marsh kits we will:

Return them to the RBG Nature Centre

Plant them in a wetland near our school

Plant them in another wetland

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