From Home to Harbour

What is Home to Harbour?

BARC's latest educational program is a series of classroom presentations developed for grades 5-12. The presentations engage students across the Hamilton Harbour watershed in a variety of subjects from water systems to the role of government and responsible citizenship. From Home to Harbour presentations range in length from 40 minutes to one hour and align with Ontario Curriculum objectives.
E.g. Grade 9 Academic and Applied Science and Technology, Sustainable Ecosystems presentation

Why Bring From Home to Harbour to Your Classroom?

Despite living close to a large body of freshwater, many students are unfamiliar with Hamilton Harbour and its watershed. Our informative and interactive presentations introduce and explore the Harbour from various social, economic and environmental perspectives. The program can also assist teachers in meeting student learning expectations in both the elementary and secondary curriculum.

From Home to Harbour Presentations and Curriculum Links: 

Grade 5 The Role of Government and Citizens in Hamilton Harbour Restoration 
              • Conservation of Energy and Resources    
              • People and Environments, the Role of Government and Responsible Citizenship
Grade 6 Water Pollution: a Local and Global Issue
              • People and Environments, Canada's Interactions with the Global Community
Grade 7 Human Impacts on the Hamilton Harbour Environment 
              • Interactions in the Environment  
Grade 8 Water Systems: Hamilton Harbour
              • Water Systems
Grade 9 Applied Sustainable Ecosystems: Hamilton Harbour and Watershed  
                            • Applied Sustainable Ecosystems and Human Activity
Grade 9 Academic Sustainable Ecosystems: Hamilton Harbour and Watershed
                               • Sustainable Ecosystems
Grade 10 Open, Civics and Citizenship Civic Engagement in the Cleanup of Hamilton Harbour
                          • Civic Engagement and Action 
Grade 11 Workplace, Environmental Sciences Remediating Randle Reef
                                   • Human Impact on the Environment
                                   • Natural Resource Science and Management 
Grade 12 University, Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis Hamilton Harbour and its Watershed
                                   • Human-environment Interactions
Grade 12 University/College, the Environment and Resource Management Hamilton Harbour and its Watershed
                                    • Understanding and Managing Change
Grade 12 Workplace, the Environment and Resource Management Human Interactions in the Hamilton
                                    Harbour Environment 
                                    • Global Connections
                                    • Understanding and Managing Change
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